Service specifications

What is the recommended environment for viewers?


Installed memory:4GB or more is recommended.


OS:Windows 7, 8.1, 11,Mac 10.8 more
(Latest version)




OS version:
iOS 11.3 More devices


safari,chrome(Latest version)


ARROWS NX,XperiaXZ/X Compact/Z5/XZ
Premium/XZ1/AQUOS sense/Galaxy S7 edge/


OS version:
Android 4.4 More devices


chrome(Latest version)
important points:
・Android devices may not be used properly depending on the model.
・Please watch in a place with good radio waves where high-speed communication (downward 3Mbps or more) is possible, such as wifi environment.
・It may take some time to read in an environment where the line condition or radio wave condition is poor.
・It can be viewed for free on browsers on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, but communication charges related to Internet connection will be borne by the user.
・When using mobile Wi-Fi (packet communication), please check the precautions on each company website.
Where can I download the free application "fvLIVE PLAYER"?
Can I use my own CDN contract?
available. Currently verified CDNs are "Cloudfront", "AKAMAI" and "CDNext (J Stream)". Others can be verified separately, please contact us.
Can I embed fvLIVE PLAYER in my application?
An SDK is available, so it can be incorporated into your application.

Service application and usage

How long does it take to start using the service?
We will send you the application form and provide the environment within 2 business days.
Where can I apply for usage?
Please apply from the inquiry form below.
■Inquiry form
Click here for the inquiry form

About charges

Is the 10 hour plan a charge for one project?
It will be a monthly usage plan. Therefore, if it is one month, it can be delivered many times within 10 hours.
What is your idea of ​​one hour?
fvLIVE server operation time. This is the time from starting and stopping the server from fvLIVE Console.
Also, since the smallest unit is 1 hour, even if it operates for 30 minutes, it is counted as 1 hour.
What happens if the plan time is exceeded?
You will be charged an extra fee per hour. See below for pricing.
■fvLIVE Price

Contact us

For inquiries regarding demonstrations, case studies and implementation, please contact the following.

+81 45 909 1137

Reception time:9:00〜17:00(JST)

4-54-6 Meigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama