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Multi-angle live distribution system



About fvLIVE

Video distribution system that enables anyone to easily realize multi-angle live distribution

In recent years, an increasing number of viewers enjoy sports scenes and live music events on the Internet, and the forms of video distribution and viewing styles are diversifying. Based on this situation, Gnzo will provide new multi-angle live video distribution such as “user-driven angle switching”, “no need for unique add-on, multi-device” and “convenience and comfort”.

Viewers can choose freely

Viewers can select and view their favorite videos from various angles.

Low load and light operability

One stream is distributed by original video compression / conversion technology, so no load is applied.

Mixed distribution of LIVE and archive

It is possible to simultaneously display archived CM videos, etc. on one multi-screen, and it can also be used as an advertising space.

Easy delivery settings (CMS)

All settings such as video synchronization settings can be done easily with the Web management tool.

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Overview of distribution when performing multi-angle live distribution

1. We can handle camera shooting, line arrangements, live encoder support, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

2. Please upload to our media server from the venue via RTMP using RTMP.

Case study

Here are some examples of cases where multi-angle live streaming has been adopted in the past.

NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
2015 IIHF 女子アイスホッケー世界選手権トップ ディビジョン予選


Multi-angle live and archive pricing

Live price

Initial cost ¥0
Monthly cost ¥120,000〜
Delivery cost (1TB) ¥17,000〜

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Archive pricing

Initial cost ¥100,000
Monthly cost ¥70,000
Delivery cost(1TB) ¥17,000〜

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Contact us

For inquiries regarding demonstrations, case studies and implementation, please contact the following.

+81 45 909 1137

Reception time:9:00〜17:00(JST)

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