fvLIVE Function

Standard feature

multiple angles Player

You can easily embed HTML5Player in your web.

Adaptive bit rate

The delivery bit rate can be set according to the viewer's network environment.


Pre-prepared images (eg, please wait for a while) can be inserted during live streaming.

VOD mixed setting

Live video and pre-prepared archive video (eg advertising video) can be delivered together.

Synchronous adjustment

Each camera image can be synchronized in frame units and in seconds.

Multi-angle layout adjustment

You can set the location of each camera video in the Web management tool GUI.


Billing agency option

Provide and support a platform for paid distribution of content.

Redundant configuration

Redundant fvLIVE engine and redundant network will build a system that will not fail.


We have a cache server that can handle large-scale distribution.


The viewer can rewind during the live broadcast and watch from the video you want to see.

AES encrypted delivery

Multi-angle live distribution can be performed with secure distribution using AES encryption.


free app fvLIVE PLAYER (Gnzo)

It is an application that can be used for free when distributing fvLIVE forMusic. In addition, since SDK is prepared, it is also possible to embed Player in your application. (We are also developing a dedicated application, please feel free to contact us.)

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